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Tonight we are learning about the power of orgasm as a healing modality with Sexologist Nikki Morgan. 


Jessica Holter presents The Head Doctor Show with Sexologist Nikki Morgan & Co.

The Head Doctor presents Sexologist Nikki Morgan as seen on the Breakfast Club. This sensual episode of The Head Doctor show will address pleasure capacity, orgasmic healing, and Erectile Dysfunction while keeping you engaged in artistic expression and hands-on theatrical therapy.

Have you ever stopped yourself from being too happy? Ever pulled your energy back while you were in the throes of passion. Have you ever been afraid, of surrendering to love... or worse, chased it away? You do not want to miss this intimate live theater experience. Expand your pleasure capacity and learn techniques to use orgasm for healing with Master Teacher, Nikki Morgan as she conducts a full-scale Punany classic with audience interaction, exotic dance, exercises in the power of touch and touch less energy exchange... all set to a delicious blend of poetic tales by Jessica Holter and a soundtrack by music producer Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone'!

Arrive and meet in The Producers' Club Bar area by 9:45pm

Products Available: Natural essential oil and herb products for supreme healing.

Cash Bar | ATM in Lobby

Parking just a few feet away


Your inhibitions will be stripped away by the audaciousness of Jessica Holter's The Head Doctor Show. The sexual intellectual, who created The Punany Poets in 1995, redefines adult entertainment with this live, sapiosexual, interactive theater experience, designed to titillate all of your senses. ​Bring your open mind and you just might do something you thought you could not. You will fall in love with this contemporary design on Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed, all about love, romance, sexual and sensual happiness. The evening begins with The Head Doctor's Question & Answer Exchange (30 minutes) and then moves seamlessly into a 90-minute performance that is, all at once, fantastic and familiar. Author, Jessica Holter (The Punany Experience, Verbal Penetration) takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride that explores human sexuality and touches on concerns ignited by your own professed interests and participation. Public Displays of affection include love confessions, massage lessons and kissing competition. Come and discover the truth about you, and how you really feel about love and intimacy. Adults only. Definitely.